4 Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Spa Pool

It is great to have a spa pool in your backyard. You can relax in the warm water and get a rejuvenating massage. At the same time, the installation of such a facility requires considerable investment and extensive preparation. You will have to take into account the future operation and maintenance as well. Find out if you are ready to make this step.

Site Preparation

The traditional spa pools are built into the ground or a patio deck. This means that the site where such a facility will be installed has to be not only sufficiently large to accommodate it. It must provide strong and reliable support structure. It must be in proximity to the electricity and water supply systems of the house as the unit will have to be connected to both.

The site must be prepared for the installation of the pool in advance. It is best if this is done by a contractor with narrow specialisation and extensive experience. You have to ensure that you will adhere to the local building codes.


Spa pool installation is not a DIY project. Even if you have good technical skills, there will still be a risk of making a mistake which may cause damage to the unit and lead to breach of the warranty. Virtually all manufacturers offer professional installation. With this option, you can expect to get the spa running smoothly in the shortest possible period of time. Typically, the professional installation cost is around 7% or 8% of the price of the unit.

Operating Costs

You have to do the math before investing in your preferred spa pool to ensure that you will be able to operate it and enjoy it given your income and budget. The ongoing operation costs include those for water supply, energy used for heating and filtering the water and chemicals for treating the water. If you prefer to use professional maintenance services, you have to take this cost into account as well. The operation cost per month will also depend on how frequently you use the facility.

Maintenance Provision

The maintenance involves testing the water, providing chemical treatment, cleaning the unit and maintaining the filter. It is not particularly difficult or time-consuming, but you have to be diligent and punctual in order to enjoy safe and comfortable spa experiences on an ongoing basis. If you cannot do the work yourself, you can consider hiring a professional service.

If you feel that you are fully prepared for spa pool ownership, you can move onto the next step and go shopping for the ideal unit.